Journey for smile

When the earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, there had occurred huge damage and destruction. It has affected people mentally and physically. At that time, many young people and adult who were able to travel different places were sharing their experience and passing their time through different mediums to be relief. After one month of the Nepal quake, the schools were almost unable to re open due to the destructions at the affected districts because of which children were highly suffered psychologically and they were not getting chance to express themselves. At that time, Tanneri Chaso had attempted to provide a platform forming small groups of children so that they can express themselves on their community. This journey was aimed to bring smile on the faces of children of the affected areas (Nuwakot and Dhading) from May 22nd to May 24th, 2015 in three places of Nuwakot (Bhainse of Gerkhu VDC, Ratmate of Tupche VDC and Majhigaun of Bidur Municipality)

and June 5, 2015 in Jiwanpur of Dhading in coordination with Dhading Helath Society.


  1. To counsel the earthquake affected children.
  2. To observe the situation after one month of earthquake.
  3. To bring smile on the faces of children of the affected areas (Nuwakot and Dhading)
    The event was very appreciative and helpful in that context and timing. The local people and parents welcomed our attempt with high appreciation. Children also enjoyed it and it adds a way for divergence. It is felt that such sorts of psycho counseling is required in the time of disaster and every organizations and other people who want to contribute for relief at first they should think for such counseling which help to make people come out from mental shocks.
    Date: May 22nd to May 24th, 2015 (Nuwakot) and June 5, 2015 (Jiwanpur, Dhading)

Contributors for Nuwakot: Nabin Silwal, Deep Jyoti Shrestha, Manisha Adhikari, Kailash Neupane, Shreeram Adhikari, Manisha Kharel, Ajay Subedi, Binita Tripathi and Shila Neupane

Contributors for Dhading: Nabin Silwal and Deep Jyoti Shrestha