Youth Narratives on earthquake

Tanneri Chaso always believes on evidence based campaign. For us only the data and statistics are not evidence and facts. We take youth voice, narrations and experiences are also as evidences. Believing on this, Tanneri Chaso is publishing a publication based on youth narratives that they have seen during the relief distribution on earthquake period to reconstruction phase from their eyes which they supposed to be the matter of accountability and concern on Nepal quake.


  1. To compile relief actions and other interesting part of Nepal quake in narrative form from the eyes of youths.
  2. To give the youth experience in the time of Quake a form of publication.


Apart from the media coverage on the transparency of the distribution of the relief materials in the time of earthquake in the affected areas, people have not been known about other so many issues. As our youth are in different areas across the country and many of them were also involved in relief distribution, they had collected many experiences regarding this. The experiences are very interesting and can be useful documentation on earthquake for future use. Many information regarding government’s relief distribution, NGOs, INGOs and many others have been collected.

Contributors: Deep Jyoti Shrestha, Shambhavi Chapagain, Kailash Neupane, Manisha Adhikari, Ranjita Poudel, Shila Neupane (Nuwakot), Radha Dhakal, Khagendra Puri (Surkhet), Dinesh Gautam (Surkhet), Manita Kafle (Dolakha), Umesh Ghatani (Dolakha), Umesh Rokaya (Dolakha), Sanjay Thami (Dolakha), Arjun Dahal (Dolakha), Sumi Magar (Ramechap), Mohammad Rahman (Neplagunj), Ajay Subedi (Sindhupalchowk), Rupa Khadka (Sindhupalchhowk), Sarthak Singh Thakuri (Gulariya)