Timely constitution campaign

Background:Since the first constituent assembly dissolved without drafting a new constitution in May 2012, Nepal stepped backwards a political crisis following the failure of political parties to arrive at a consensus. The political turmoil directed country towards state of uncertainty and frustration until Chief Justice Khil Raj Regmi announced the date for second CA. After one andhalf years of political push and pull, the deadlock released out through secondCA election in November 19, 2013. The aspiration and hope of public on secondCA however eroded gradually since the newly elected lawmakers couldn’t make vast difference in the constitutional process except the revival of same political culture. In this context, Parliamentarian and major political partiesof CA deviated out of the process and gave less priority to the constitution making process. The risk of disregard to public verdict and disrespect to democracy increased. The commitment of politicians seemed to be futile as longas the deadline prescribed on consensus for constitution draft was running to end.

While the stipulated date was nearly ending, political scenario seemed to be indecisive and unwilling to concern over prime issue of constitution. Indeed continuous cases of politician’s misconducts and misdeeds appeared one after another which place serious question to their moral ground. Tanneri Chaso was concerned that public excitement and aspiration shouldn’t be ruined again thus, it had set an objective to question for the accountability and transparency of political conducts. Tanneri Chaso since then constantly scrutinizing political activities, and pressurizing politicians through continuous watchfulness for what they committed for constitution promulgation.

Meeting with socially recognized personalities: Tanneri Chaso has been continuously making effort through watchfulness for insisting politicians to be accountable and transparent. In the context of constitution, Tanneri Chaso from very early was questioning the lawmakers and top leaders to address the public commitment on time. When the deadline of assignment as per the commitment was shortening, the network instead of single effort realized the need of coordination and unified voice of youths believe on democracy “Loktantra” pertaining to question the leadership and pressure for constitution draft on time.  Pressurizing campaign emerged as Tanneri had an attempt to evoke the silent civil society and influential personalities to speak up about the constitution draft on time. Campaign in initial step had motive of perceiving social leaders’ stances on current political scenario and their analysis of the contemporary and Tanneri network at Kathmandu visited civil society activists, intellects, writers and journalists including Anjanai Kumar Jha, Harikrishna Karki, Anbika Giri, Khagendra Sangraula, Amit Dhakal, Buddhisagar Chapai, Shrawan Mukarun, Arjun Parajuli from November 11 to 15, 2014. During the interaction some of the personalities were found pessimist on the current political disorder while country was on the verge of constitution. Yet, other intellects on the lengthening delay of constitution and development raised statement of confusion about the forth direction of the country. Some of optimistic personalities conversely expressed thoughtful statement of being delayed for endorsing first draft of constitution to people.

Throughout the dialogues excited by the efforts of the youth almost everyone suggested the network to inform the citizens and despite to agitate, employ creative and constructive idea for pressurizing. In the mid of the gossip one of the intellects suggested conscious youths to take part in politics. Lastly, team of youths after listening them had insisted to actively take part in creating national pressure through discourse for timely constitution promulgation.

Contributors: Nabin Silwal, Deepjyoti Shrestha Sankhu Jaisi, Sambhavi Chapagain, Khagendra Puri, Prava Magar, Mohammad Rahaman, Sarthak Singh Thakuri, Ganesh Budhathoki, Rupesh Karna, Pushkar Khanal, Arjun Dahal, Shiv Kumar Shah, Sangita Kunwar