When and how do we rebuild?

After six months of earthquake also, when the reconstruction was not started in a planned way, Tanneri Chaso had showed their concern voices raising certain questions on when and how do we rebuild so that it will be helpful for reconstruction phase and also will create pressure for timely and speedy reconstruction.


  1. To collect the evidences on how the rebuilding has been started till the five months of quake.
  2. To make the evidence based video suggesting with when and how we rebuild.
  3. To send the video to the parliamentarian concerned authorities to pressurize.
  4. To create pressure for timely and proper rebuilding.


As the issue had been pressurized and presented as a matter of concern through video. The video has individually sent to the concerned authorities of government and the parliamentarian through email, twitter and face book. Some parliamentarian like Rabindra Adhikari and Chairman of National Reconstruction Authority (NRA) has also responded to the video with positive vibes. The video also has become very effective and viral in social sites which created more pressure.

Date: September, 2015

Contributors: Nabin Silwal, Deep Jyoti Shrestha, Rupesh Karna, Shambhavi Chapagain, Suresh Bidari and Kailash Neupane.