Dinesh Gautam

Brief info

Dinesh Gautam is volunteering TanneriChaso since 2015. From then he is participating in various events and campaigns organized by TanneriChaso till now. He is a youth leader and an active member of tanneriChaso. He is pursuing his Master’s Degree fromTribhuwan University. Along with study, he is a debater and a campaigner. He is also an alumnae of New Media and Debate Workshop of 2016. He has a deep interest in debate. Along with activism, he has a special interest in writing and research. He has laso initiated Mayoral Debate in Surkhet and Dailekh. He is from Surkhet. He is proactive, hardworking and have ability to lead.Currently he is leading TanneriChasoSurkhet and also an editor of Tanneri Voice, a local monthly paper.