Actions for clean election, Tanneri Chaso|

Tanneri Chaso adopted a noble and innovative initiative during 2013 second CA election for contributing a fair environment for poll process. By monitoring election code of conduct and observation of the agencies involved in electoral process on the behalf of civil, the purposeful motive of Tanneri is to create favorable environment for fair and fearless election and public scrutiny. It had set up a mechanism activating almost every members of the network throughout country to make continuous observation of election process.

Starting from silence period of November 17 to next day of election November 20, information about activities, process and incidents of were collected and reported by volunteers to the online database of “” through using mobile SMS. Along with Tanneri volunteers local civilians were also involved so spontaneously observing candidates and political parties in their own constituency and reported through volunteers. Employing diverse methodology of gathering information, volunteers forwarded information from far-fung distances through observation and inspection in the format of photos, recorded sound of voters and candidates, use of SMS and emails, published news in mainstream media and conclusion of debates.

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