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Tanneri Chaso as a forum of youths has been regularly cooperating with other youth organizations on common issues and agendas of political accountability. It has been realized joint cooperation among the forums would strengthen common voice of youths for common cause and welfare. By acknowledging the spirit of togetherness, Tanneri Chaso had actively coordinated a watchful march of youth for constitution on January 10, 2015 at Kathmandu. Tanneri Chaso being an inseparable stakeholder of youth civil society including other 22 youth organization jointly pressurized the parliamentarian through a March past to issue constitution within the committed deadline.  Tanneri Chaso had participated with play cards and a banner portraying a satirical picture of major political actors with a definite slogan “unless the constitution draft on January 22, 2015, you will be incompetent”. The banner conceptualized by Tanneri Chaso later became viral in the social media and recognize sarcastically popular to deliver powerful message. It was believed as an influential tool to persuade the leaders to ascertain on serious concern to constitution on the very end to deadline.

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