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Since, the date of collective commitment of leaders had come to end; the responsible leaders were till deviated from the duty and escaping from the joint consensus to crumble the deadlock. They were almost becoming failure to retain the hope and aspiration of the public. In such context, forum of active youth near to deadline attempted to measure the public opinion of the political leaders through organizing symbolic election in Jan16, 2015. Election was simultaneously organized at various places of Kathmandu including New Baneshwor, Tinkune and Basantapur, meanwhile local forum at Birgunj, Youth for accountability Parsa had also organized demo election at the same day at Ghantaghar.  Local pedestrian were given a choice to cast a vote either on the ballot box written “Politicians who are unable to pose commitment and issue constitution on January 22 are incompetent for me” or “ Although  you don’t fulfill commitments, concern over people or promulgate constitution on January 22, you are my leader”. People could freely cast their verdict on the desired ballot by using small red ballot paper. Afterwards at the end Tanneri demonstrated the banner portraying incompetent faces of top leaders who have had crucial role to bring CA to meaningful end.

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