Shaping Hope into Action: Empowering Nepali Youth for Accountability!



Numerous political events in Nepal have sparked hopes and aspirations among the people, particularly the youth. However, the inability to fulfill these expectations has bred frustration, propelling the youth towards migration or leaving them dissatisfied and disengaged. In a proactive effort to prevent this frustration from evolving into apathy, our network actively engages with the youth. We encourage them to participate assertively in demanding accountability from authorities by questioning everyday public concerns. Through our initiatives, we strive to transform frustration into empowerment, fostering a generation that actively contributes to shaping the accountability landscape in Nepal.

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 Bridging the gap between citizens and public service providers, we connect concerns and feedback with enhancing public services, promoting transparency, and citizen participation.

We monitor promises made by politicians, holding them accountable for fostering a culture of responsibility and integrity.

Actively overseeing the allocation and utilization of public funds, we ensure transparency and prevent corruption in the budgetary process.

Providing platforms for citizens to interact directly with government officials and representatives, we facilitate dialogue and raise awareness about public concerns.

Highlighting achievements and challenges faced by young mayors, we promote their leadership and encourage accountability to constituents.

Initiating open discussions and awareness campaigns to address corruption, we encourage citizens to participate in the fight against corruption actively.

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Addressing the complex issue of citizenship rights, we advocate for fair and inclusive policies. Through our initiatives, we connect those facing citizenship challenges with legal support and awareness, amplifying their voices for equal rights and societal recognition.

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