Initiative of  Gaurisankar Youth for Accountability Dolakha

On the behalf of Tanneri Chaso, Arjun Dahal was entrusted to instigate a series of campaign at different districts of eastern development region for three days from 9th July 2014 to 14th July. Accompanying with Mankumar Baraili, another volunteer form Illam, Arjun had visited several districts Chitwan, Makwanpur, Sunsari, Morang, Jhapa, Illam and Panchthar. In the districts like Makwanpur, Sunsari and Chitwan volunteers of Tanneri Chaso MP Shah, Pradip Parajuli and Radha Dhakal and Devi Pandey had supported the team respectively whereas in other districts Grantees of Alliance for Social Dialogue had facilitated. Local forums then had organized series of discussion and interaction program entitled on periodic election; hindrances for local government service delivery and development, People right and responsibility to question the political conducts, Priority of constitution drafting process and so on were discussed intensively. Predetermined and predesigned instruments of Discussion, distribution of publication materials, collection of feedback and responses on Meta card and collection of questionnaires were implicated for the purpose.

Later on, Gaurisankar Youth Group for Accountability lead by Arjun Dahal had launched similar type of campaign at Dolkha and Ramechhap districts. Group had hosted series of indoor and outdoor interaction with youths, publics and intellects of the districts as well as they designed own image theatre and presented for public demonstration. As a whole they employed pre designed instruments to measure public opinion there as well.

Date: 9th July 2014 to 14th July 2014

Contributors: Arjun Dahal and Mankumar Barailey
Supporting: Radha Dhakal and Devi Pandey- Chitwan, MP Sharma- Makwanpur, Pradip Parajuli and Nawaraj Pokharel- Sunsari

Contributors of GYFA: Arjun Dahal, Ganesh Budathoki, Umesh Ghatani, Umesh Rokaya, Sumi Magar (Ramechap), Rita Magar (Ramechap) and Kamala Magar (Ramechap)

First Phase of Campaign for timely constitution and local election.