YFA Birgunj Initiative

With the objective of covering more districts and collecting public consent on periodic election, second phase commenced with the initiation of the youth of Tanneri Chaso at various regional and district level. Regional forums and leaders undertook the responsibility to organize campaign separately at their regions from 9th July 2014 and end at 14th July 2014. In this regard, Youth for Accountability, Parsa lead by Shivanath Yadav conducted campaigns targeting selected districts of central development region including Bara, Parsa, Rautahat, Sharlahi, Mahottari and Sindhuli respectively. YFA fundamentally based in Terai region had employed culturally and linguistically viable tools for campaign i.e. street drama, banner on accountability theme, songs and similar other communication tools and techniques; for an instance, distribution of books and broachers, opinion collection through questionnaire and metadata.

Contributors: Shivnath Yadav, Shivkumar Shah, Niraj Pithakoti Magar, Jiyalal Shah, Pawan  Chaudhary, Kabita Khadka, Madhuri Mahato, Kabita Aryal, Asmita Mainali, Rachana Yadav (YFA Parsa Team)

First Phase of Campaign for timely constitution and local election.