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Our Story

We are always guided by following values

What are our missions?

Our missions are:
  • To create noise for better public service.
  • To advocate  for better youth opportunity.
  • To urge transparent and accountable political culture promoting youth leadership promoting the habit of ‘Stop complaining Start questioning’
  • To amplify the voice of voiceless.
  • To empower the youth leadership.
  • To find a creative and constructive action to engage young people in social-political debate and democratic practices.

What are our goals?

Our goals are:
  • To make young people engaged in social-political debate and democratic practices.
  • To develop a culture of argument-based activism by engaging youth from all divergent background regardless of their education, geography, profession, religion, and caste.
  • To encourage people to actively be involved in demanding accountability of the authorities by questioning in everyday public concerns.
  • To enable youth participation and engagement exploring and discussing on youth opportunities.
  • To promote the culture of accountability.

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