Nepal’s political events ignite hope, especially among youth, but unmet expectations lead to frustration and potential migration. Tanneri Chaso empowers youth to demand accountability, transforming frustration into empowerment for shaping Nepal’s governance.

Elections epitomize democracy, providing accountability and citizen voice. Nepal’s historical electoral gaps challenged democracy. Tanneri Chaso champions fair elections, endorsing capable candidates and demanding accountability, fortifying Nepal’s democratic fabric.

Creating a sustainable future is a top priority as well as a challenge for this generation. The narrative we aim to cultivate emphasizes the ongoing discourse on sustainable development, recognizing its importance in enhancing our lives and securing a better future. Our work revolves around the ‘Future of Work’, helping deliver UN Sustainable Development Goals and the prospect of a Better Future.

Tanneri Chaso strives to enhance disaster management systems, empower communities, and foster meaningful stakeholder dialogue, working towards a more resilient and prepared Nepal in the face of natural disasters.

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