Throughout Nepali history, various political events have raised the hopes and expectations of the people, especially the youth. However, the failure to meet these expectations has resulted in frustrations among the youth, leading to migration or a dissatisfied and disengaged population. To prevent these frustrations from turning into apathy, our network actively engages with the youth and encourages them to participate in demanding accountability from authorities by questioning everyday public concerns.



At Tanneri Chaso, we recognize that the post-2006 People’s Movement-II led to a significant shift in public discourse, with politics taking center stage and overshadowing the pressing everyday concerns of the general population. Unfortunately, there was a misconception that unraveling national political issues would automatically address the immediate interests of the larger public. However, this assumption proved to be false.

We firmly believe that the government and parliament should not disregard the everyday concerns of the people. In light of this, we have taken up the responsibility to bridge the gap between people’s voices, their hardships, and the government.



At Tanneri Chaso, we recognize the immense potential of youth and their role as a critical force in our society. Unfortunately, many young individuals lack the necessary opportunities, platforms, and skills to express themselves and showcase their leadership abilities. Understanding the significance of youth participation and engagement, we are committed to fostering their credibility within society.

To achieve this, Tanneri Chaso offers a range of initiatives aimed at empowering and nurturing young leaders. We provide comprehensive skill based training in debate and utilize new media platforms to amplify youth voices, enhancing their participation and engagement. Our approach is centered around equipping young individuals with the skills necessary for critical questioning, public speaking, and other tools that contribute to the strengthening of democratic practices.

Moreover, we believe in supporting youth-driven ideas and initiatives. Through our fellowship and internship programs, we offer opportunities for interested individuals to gain practical experience and work on their own projects. By empowering and encouraging young minds, we strive to create a generation that is capable of making positive and impactful contributions to our society.


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