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Partner with Us

With the use of social media and technology, we raise issues of Public Concern and Social and Political Accountability, Disaster Relief Responses and Youth Opportunities.
We try and test variety of methods to make some noise and bring issues to attention. It is the determination to constantly pursue on these issues through our network wide members that makes this network distinct.
Campaign, Street Drama, Short Video, Evidence Based Documentation/Publication and Debate are our popular means of approach. It will be our pleasure if we become a partner for good reasons because we believe in the power of ‘Together we can’.

Who can partner with us?
The youth groups, local youth clubs, organizations, individuals who believe in better public service and better opportunities through a collaboration effort developing a culture of accountability and strengthening democracy practice.

Why to do partner with us?
Networking: We have a large network of youth across the country and outside the country from divergent background regardless of their education, geography, profession, religion, and caste. We also have partner-based organizations in three provinces (2, 3 and 6).
Smart Communication: We have the experience of using new media and new technologies. We simplify the message through catchy lines, provoking slogans, Info graphs, Audio-Visual Medium, Data Visualization.
Evidencing: We believe in evidence-based activism, we are habituated with keeping strong documentations.
Continuation: We have the habit of raising the issue continuously without diverting. We are not seasonal.
Uniqueness in using tools/Tool Variation: Our message becomes hitting, provoking and matter of interest because we test and try varieties of tools and techniques to reach out the target groups and to make our message effective.
Public Acceptance:Youth has a positive image in the society. We give platform and opportunity to lead on various issues we work on. We mostly raise the issues of everyday concerns of public, people support us.

How to become a partner?
If you are interested in becoming a partner of TanneriChaso in certain events or campaigns, please email at tannerichaso@gmail.com indicating the nature of your organization and interests and we will contact you shortly.