Pressing parliamentarians with civil society

Apart of campaigns,Tanneri had also set priority to create dialogues and discourses on thecon temporary issues of constitution. Questioning to politicians and parliamentarians through using face book, twitter and blogs were social media mediation for approaching demand and pressure for constitution however direct and face to face interaction was spotted as immediate need for creating more pressing situation.

While stipulated date for constitution was shortening swiftly parliamentarians were complaining for being confined to role less status in decision making of the constitutional debated topics. They were whining as their compulsion to waiving their heads on the decision made by the top 3 leaders of major political parties. When the whole constitution drafting process was imprisoned by indecision of major political players, Alliance for social dialogue and Nepal constitutional Assembly, the prominent civil society organized interaction with the parliamentarian of NC and CPNUML and UCPN Maoist on 25th of December 2014 with intent of persuading them to pressurize their top leaders. 

Tanneri Chaso then had continuous cooperation with civil society and participated actively in joint sessions of interaction, as a result, it had gained an opportunity to question and share experience with parliamentarians. During the interaction Tanneri Chaso had prepared the PowerPoint presentation about youths’ experiences on transition phase and expectation on the changing political scenario of Nepal from past few decades. Representing Tanneri Chaso, Nabin Silwal from Dhading, Deepjyoti Shrestha from Nuwakot, Ganesh Budathoki from Dolakha and Ganesh Dhakal from Nuwakot and Pushkar Khanal from Kathmandu had questioned parliamentarians as the problem faced by them due to lengthening transition and obstruction on constitution drafting process. Youths of Tanneri want the transition to end by the construction of the constitution and future flourish and development. In this regard Tanneri urge the parliamentarian to play constructive and persuasive role to direct top leaders for crumbling the prevailing deadlock. Tanneri asked them some question:

What is the political understanding of the word “commitment”?

What is the difference of understanding between you and ours?

What is the purpose of Politics?

What is obstructing you to speak in favor of constitution promulgation on the deadline of Magh 8?

During the session lawmakers representing different political parties responded to the questions and illustrated that commitment of the politicians have been violated frequently. For ensuring political image lucid they stated for the need to draft and release constitution within promised deadline. We found most of the lawmakers were aware of the moral ground they are standing to materialize public consent but some were accusing top leaders creating cloud of uncertainty and indecision, they were being passive and skipping out of the responsibility to pressurize seniors for the drainage of current political turmoil. Consequently, Tanneri Chaso urged them to adopt active participation in constitution drafting process and insist for pressuring their leaders search for common ground of consensus and even Tanneri made lawmakers realize unless constitution would draft, they would be declared as “incompetent”.

Contributors: Nabin Silwal, Deepjyoti Shrestha, Pushkar Khanal, Ganesh Dhakal and Ganesh Budathoki.