Public Demonstration at Basantapur

Soon Tanneri Chaso realizing need to approach the public for pressurizing the lawmakers, it planned to go in front of public with designed programs and campaigns. The actual motive behind is to empower public for speaking out their subdued voices in the favor of constitution on time and question the lawmakers for their commitment adopted into their election manifesto. Overwhelmed by this Tanneri Chaso then organized series of public based campaigns in the capital especially to create more forceful moral pressure by employing constructive measures.

For the purpose of campaign Tanneri Chaso had mobilized its total 16 leading youths as a core group. Many of them were also representing different other local forums and districts. The collective decision and planning of the youths after completing first phase of interaction with social personalities had agreed to organize a demonstration on 16th of November at Basantapur Dabali, Kathmandu.

Contributers: Nabin Silwal, Deepjyoti Shrestha, Sankhu Jaisi, Sambhavi Chapagain, Prava Magar, Mohamad Rahaman, Sarthak Singh Thakuri, Ganesh Budathoki, Ganesi Dhakal, Ramesh Shrestha, Sheejan Bhattarai, Kailash Neupane, Rupesh Karna, Arjun Dahal, and Pushkar Khanal.

 As a medium to convey message, combination of Image theatre with forum was prepared and rehearsed by the group. The theme for act was conceptualized on timeline of changing Nepalese political scenario from past Loktantrik movement to today’s status of uncertainty and disorder in lengthening transition. Formats of literature like poems and gazals were used as influential tool for delivering messages. For the moment, Play cards and banners with persuasive slogans were used to demonstrate public demands on constitution and development in front of public gathering. Due to some limitations and time constraints other campaign as it was fixed as plan to conduct at Bhaktapur Durbar Square and Patan Durbar Square couldn’t be organized in continuous session. 

Contributors: Nabin Silwal, Deepjyoti Shrestha, Sankhu Jaisi, Samvhabi Chapagain, Khagendra Puri, Prava magar, Mohamad Rahaman, Sarthak Singh Thakuri, Ganesh Budathoki, Ramesh shrestha, Shrijan Bhattarai, Kailash Neupane, Rupesh Karna and Pushkar Khanal

Participants: Ganesh Dhakal, Deepa Rai, Chet Narayan Rasaili, Bivu Thapalia, Susma Phuyal, Injina Panthi,