Symbolic election for constitution

Since,the date of collective commitment of leaders had come to end; the responsible leaders were till deviated from the duty and escaping from the joint consensus to crumble the deadlock. They were almost becoming failure to retain the hope and aspiration of the public. In such context, forum of active youth near to deadline attempted to measure the public opinion of the political leaders through organizing symbolic election in Jan 16. Election was simultaneously organized at various places of Kathmandu including New Baneshwor, Tinkune andBasantapur, meanwhile local forum at Birgunj, Youth for accountability Parsahad also organized demo election at the same day at Ghantaghar.  Local pedestrian were given a choice to cast a vote either on the ballot box written “Politicians who are unable to pose commitment and issue constitution on January 22 are incompetent for me” or “Although  you don’t fulfill commitments,concern over people or promulgate constitution on January 22, you are my leader”. People could freely cast their verdict on the desired ballot by using small red ballot paper. The election had a dramatic result; the public frustration was manifested into the result of the election. In an hour long election at
Baneshwor out of 204 total dropped votes, 202 votes were accounted as “the leaders are incompetent”. Similarly, total 220 and 234 public were participated as voter at Tinkune and Basantapur respectively, out of which nobody voted for “ you are my leader” at Tinkune and only 2 had casted vote for same cause at Basantapur. In addition to, rest of the majority vote literally denounced the leaders for disrespecting public consent and finally declared them as “incompetent. Afterwards at the end Tanneri demonstrated the banner portraying incompetent faces of top leaders who have had crucial role to bring CA to meaningful end.

Demo election as a part of constitution campaign was organized to create moral pressure to the top leaders especially Prime Minister Shusil Koirala, CA Chair Subash Chandra Nemwang, NC chair, CPL-UML Chair Kp Oli, UML Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal and MJFD Chairman Bijaya Kumar Gachhadar. As long as they were becoming failure to draft the constitution Tanneri had introduced the “incompetent faces” in front of general public through election results and the designed banner. It is notable that the banner created by Tanneri Chaso became popular in social media and mostly shared by public in a form to express mass dissatisfaction towards politicians.

Date: January 16, 2015

Contributors: Nabin Silwal, Deepjyoti Shrestha, Pushkar Khanal, Prava Magar, Kailash Neupane, Sabina Maharjan, Shambhavi Chapagain and Sangita Kunwar

Outcome: Though the deliberate effort on pressurizing lawmakers was constituted as nationwide movement from different level of civic and pressure groups, but unfortunately the political parties couldn’t crumble political push and pull in order to stay forward for constitution draft on consensus. There by, constitution drafting process hurdle again to chaos and convicted by indecision of major leaders. Cooperation of political wills perhaps unveils space for possibility in near future yet our watchfulness will ongoing until the constitution is drafted. Moreover, major outcome of the campaign is evaluated as, this movement in one aspect expanded the horizon of political understanding of youths of network and another aspect; it mobilized youths to question  political culture in the current political accountability issues. Tanneri Chaso then have adopted pivotal responsibility of public scrutiny over the construction of constitution and raised question to the accountability of elected lawmakers.  Today, Tanneri chaso possess an ability and status to question the power center targeting to bankrupt tendencies. Many youths from outside valley at this movement had learned the skills of campaign tools and techniques in practical level meanwhile interaction with social and political leaders had provided exposure to noble thoughts and cause.